Tummy tuck done two years ago with complications, can this be revised? (photos)

Tummy tuck done two years ago..complication hell ended up with 15 abscesses total..and went into sepsis shock 4 months after tummy tuck..Had to have two emergency surgeries one which was an abdominal debrement. .I now see a specialist who has taken many cultures and is .convinced im allergic to the prolene that was used..can this ever be fixed

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A revision

This is something that can not totally be answered on the internet. You need a full examination to see how much extra skin and fat there is and what can be done to revise the scar and improve your result. Also it is important to feel the tissues and see how soft or hard they are and if it is time or you need more time to recover before a revision. Make sure you pick a board certified well experienced surgeon to talk to. 

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Abdominoplasty revision

Its seems from your photos that this result can be revised.  At my practice we perform many revisions similar to your what you will need. Luckily, your previous surgeon left some skin and fat behind.  With some liposuction and a scar revision (cutting out the existing scar and making it cleaner and thinner). Please be sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in revision surgery.

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TT revision

Once all the infection has been cleared with certainty, you can absolutely proceed with a revision, this could be in the form of scar revision plus some lipo vs a full re-elevation of the TT flap. 


It is clear that you went through a very difficult time after your surgery.  Many complications can be revised and it appears from your photos that an improvement can be done by both excising the current scars and some additional conservative liposuction.  That being said, a full consultation regarding the details of your complications, your pre-surgery medical and health state as well as your BMI, and a frank discussion about your discussions is really needed to determine if undergoing a revision will meet your goals.  There are limits to what can be done safely, therefore you need to know all the risks and benefits.

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Tummy tuck revision

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. 

Sometimes there is enough laxity, to redo  the tummy tuck or at least pull out and remove the area that concerns you. An in person exam and a pinch test would be necessary to see. 

Before proceeding your PS will want to be sure you are completely healed and that the are no further signs of infection.

Hope this helps.

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Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is unusual but may be desired for several reasons. Most revisions should be done after 9-12 months.  One cause for revision surgery are “dog ears” at the ends of the incisions. These are small folds of excess skin that do not flatten over time.  They can be excised, suctioned or both.

Scars may widen or continue to be red  and elevated.  These may require laser treatment or injection with kenalog and 5-FU.  Excision and reclosure may help some scars. Other treatments are available as well.

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