82 year old woman broke off front tooth at gum line. Can this front tooth be replaced so it is identical to its mate?

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Dental implants

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This is a very common treatment. When a tooth breaks at the gum line, the tooth is removed and replaced by a dental implant. Wen the dental implant is placed at the proper depth and angulation, the final implant crown can look very natural. 


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Yes, the front tooth can be replaced and matched to look identical to its mate. Regardless of the method used to replace the broken tooth, the final result will depend on the skill and talent of both the dentist and dental lab technician.

Leo Aghajanian, DDS
Glendale Dentist

Broken Tooth at Gumline

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Yes, the tooth can be replaced and look like its mate next door. Ideally, if the tooth that broke is still in her possession, that can be used as a guide for the shading. All you  need is a talented dentist and a talented dental ceramist in order to have the new tooth look like the tooth next to it. 

Broken front tooth

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Yes if you place an implant in the best position possible and have a dental lab do a custom shade then it is possible to have it very close. A lot of it depends on the skill of the implant surgeon, general dentist, and lab technician. You may want to interview your general dentist and implant surgeon to make sure they are experienced with front implants. Ask for photos of past patients and even call these patients to see how their treatment progressed. If you do your due diligence, you are more likely to have a great result. Good luck with your treatment.

Broken tooth

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Age isn't really a factor in determining if a tooth can be replaced. It's more important to determine the overall health of the patient. You don't mention what type of replacement you are considering. The choices can range from an implant and crown  to a fixed bridge to a removable partial denture. You don't mention which you are considering. Some choices will match better than others. I would discuss this with your dentist. The final answer is it is definitely possible with the correct restoration.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Front Tooth Replacement

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If the root is healthy and strong enough, a root canal can be performed in preparation for a new post, core, and crown. For the tooth to look identical to its mate, an adjacent crown or veneer should be evaluated for. If the root is not able to be restored, then a dental implant should be considered along with an adjacent crown or veneer in the next tooth. 

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