Would a rhinoplasty Improve the look of my nose - Why is on side of my nostril so much bigger? I need some tips. (photo)

I have always had the left side of my nose be bigger and it causes slight breathing issues . Sometimes it gets completely plugged up. I hate it !!

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Would a rhinoplasty Improve the look of my nose - Why is on side of my nostril so much bigger? I need some tips.

GreetingsThank you for your question and photo, Visit a surgeon in your area for an examination after which final evaluation can be given.

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My comments

Better photos are needed, please post.

Seems your left side has a pinching at the nasal valve, this can be treated by batten grafting or similar procedures. May septal examination show a clog then a septoplasty plays a relevant role.

The tip looks bulbous, broad and poorly defined, needing reduction, trimming of cartilages, plasties and eventually tip grafting.

The dorsum is broad, can be narrowed.

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Dear ematt10, An in office consultation and intra-nasal examination would determine if you have a deviated septum which is contributing to your breathing issues. If so then a suggested procedure would be a septorhinoplasty. This procedure is a combined procedure that addresses both the function and the aesthetics of the nose. A further set of photographs would be helpful to determine the aesthetic changes however from the limited photograph your tip can be refined and bridge narrowed to provide a more feminine  looking nose that would complement your overall facial aesthetics. During consultation imaging can be provided to show you the proposed changes and you can review the surgeons before and after photographs of noses similar to yours to ensure natural looking results. See some examples in the link below and a similar nose in the video above. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Rhinoplasty candidate, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.

The harmony between facial parts makes us instinctively recognize the beauty... without knowing it, without defining it, just a perception that surprises and captivates us.

In this regard, I suggest perform a Closed Rhinoplasty (without visible scars) to treat the tip, base and nasal bridge.
With this procedure you get a delicate nose, better harmonize with your other facial features.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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Would a rhinoplasty improve the look of my nose?

Thank you for your question. If you don't like the outside appearance of your nose the first place to start is to consult with an experienced Rhinoplasty surgery who can explore the possibilities with you. Best of luck to you.   

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Everyone has asymmetry of their nose. At least in the photo you posted, it looks like the tip could be improved. Best of luck.

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Rhinoplasty candidate

A full set of facial photographs are required to make a determination about what needs to be accomplished with the rhinoplasty procedure, since the nose is a three-dimensional structure. The bulbous tip can be reduced and refined, the bridge line narrowed, and the dorsal hump reduced. Functional nasal surgery can be performed to improve airflow dynamics through the nose, once you have failed medical management for airflow obstruction. Functional nasal surgery and cosmetic nasal surgery two different procedures, but both can be performed when necessary under the same anesthesia with the same recovery period.

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Rhinoplasty to improve a bulbous nasal tip

A rhinoplasty would help the appearance of your nose. You have a bulbous nasal tip which could be refined with the nasal procedure. Other views of your nose would be helpful, but it would also be narrowed to give it an overall better shape. I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist to get a thorough examination and better understand what the procedure entails. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your question.I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty to have a nasal examination performed and a review of your medical history to see what exactly you need done to help with these issues. From your photograph you have posted and the breathing issues you described I think you would benefit from a septoplasty to help correct your breathing and a tip rhinoplasty which includes trimming the lower lateral cartilages and placing precision sutures to refine the tip and make it look more pleasing. Best of luck in your endeavors.
Sincerely, James Fernau, MD, FACS
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Thank you for the question and photo. Based on the one photo which is from an angle we can see that your nose is wide. Rhinoplasty can be done to address that by refining and narrowing your tip and also narrowing your bridge and straighten it. From this picture we cant see your profile, nostrils, or the inside of the nose. Those are important factors in determining what needs to be done and what is possible. Breathing is a complex issue which needs a thorough exam and discussion on possible causes (allergies, sinus infections etc). In conclusion, rhinoplasty will likely help you. See a surgeon who does rhinoplasty and they should be able to help you

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