My question is can I get implants if I'm flat chested? (photos)

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Flat Chested and interested in breast implants

I understand tour concerns. We all have seem small breast implants that look, well, horrible. Even small breasts can look very unnatural. Too often, very small breasts can look tooo round, too high or too fat apart. Below is a link to my gallery of more than 100 women who have had breast augmentation surgery with me. Many of these women start with little to no breast tissue. I also have a section with photos especially for athletes and breast augmnetation. These women often have very minimal breast tissue and a very muscular chest wall. The result is a very natural look.  Small breasted women can get a very natutal look with breast implants. Be sure to look at many many photos. Find AT LEAST a dizen that look something like you look now with results that look like a result that would be pleasing you to. Then carefully check the background of your oplastic surgeon. Check their record of safety. be certain the use a board certified MD anesthesiologist, work in an accredited surgical suite with an outstanding support staff both in and out of the OR. 

Be aware that the very best results are often due to the highest standards, extraordinary education. attention to detail in the OR and post operatively. This may mean that the plastic surgeon you find :ideal" may be more expensive than some of the low priced plastic surgeons. Keep in mind you are making a permanent change to your body and trusting someone with your health and well being. Don't save money by cutting corners when it comes to your health. And take your time making a decision.

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Flat-chested and implants

Yes, you can definitly get breast implants if you are flat chested. You will need to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can advise you on an appropriate implant size and approach.

Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
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You should see very nice results from the right surgeon

Many flat-chested women can see a great outcome after getting breast implants, especially if you take the time to find a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation to perform your surgery. There are several key factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the best breast implant size for your build, including your skin elasticity and base breast width diameter. I also suggest going with silicone implants, as the chances of visible ripples is lessened, and silicone has a texture that’s very similar to natural breast tissue.

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Implants for a flat chest?

Thank you for your question and photos.  Yes, you can get implants if you are "flat chested".  You do need to be careful in choosing the proper implant because of the tightness of the skin and the shape of your chest.  Best advice is to see a plastic surgeon in person to go over your specific anatomy and goals with surgery.

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Yes you can.

The style and size must be properly matched to your frame. If not you will have an unstable long term result. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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My question is can I get implants if I'm flat chested? (photos)

Yes you can have Breast Implants if you are flat chested.
Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to advice you on the appropriate sized implant. You should trial a few while at the office to have a good idea about your result.
All the best

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
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Can I get implants if I`m flat chested?

Yes you can definitely have breast implants if you are flat chested. A proper evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you understand what size implant is best for you. Each patient is unique and has specific needs. It is also important to specify your expectations which will play a key role the doctor`s recommendation for you. Good luck!

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My question is can I get implants if I'm flat chested?

Absolutely you can have breast implants. There are many advantages with your body type. Please see an experienced plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The Smart Beauty Guide is a good place to start.

Flat Chested - Implants?

Yes you can get breast implant, I would recommend a modest silicon implant.    We offer free consultations in richmond virginia if you would like to schedule.

Reps B. Sundin, MD
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Breast implants if "flat chested"

No reason you couldn't have breast augmentation (assuming medically you were cleared), but I would not go too big, and I would seriously consider silicone gel implants.  Your BC PS can help you choose the best size for you.  Best of luck to you.

James E. Chappell, MD
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