Brazilian butt lift and sickle cell trait?

I believe as a child and I cannot find the card anymore...that I have the sickle cell trait ,not the actual disease.I am willing to test for it again just to make sure...but my question is ,is it safe to get the bbl with the trait and not the actual disease?thank u!

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Cosmetic Surgery with Sickle cell trait

Your health is of foremost importance.  You should see your primary care physician and ask to be tested.  There are many variations of sickle cell disease and trait and you need to know for sure which you have.  It's a blood test.  If it turns out that you do, indeed, have sickle cell trait, it doesn't necessarily prevent you from having cosmetic surgery, but you need to understand that even with trait, you may be at increased risk from the anesthesia.  It will be very important for you to have clearance from your medical doctor.  You may even need to seek care from a hematologist.

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Sickle Cell Trait and BBL

Excellent question!

I have had many sickle cell trait patients and with no additional complications or problems as compared to other patients with Lipo and BBL.

Below is an article that most journals quote when discussing the surgical risk for Sickle Cell Trait.
You can read this article in JAMA or Pubmed online with just signing up.

The Sickle Cell Trait and Surgical ComplicationsA Matched-Pair Patient AnalysisStephen A. Atlas
JAMA. 1974;229(8):1078-1080. doi:10.1001/jama.1974.03230460028015.

I wish you well on your BBL journey and a safe recovery,
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BBL with a sickle cell trait.

I've done Surgery on patients with the trait, without incident. All surgeries carry risks and sickle cell disease is a concern. See a board certified plastic surgeon, who operates at a certified facility and does a ton of Brazilian butt lifts, and share with him, or her, all your concerns. Good luck and do your homework. Don't be too shy to ask: how many BBLs did you do last year and did some of them have sickle cell traits?

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