BBL safety?

Hello docters!performing a do u know where to poke through the skin..without hitting a nerve or vein..especially transferring fat to the buttocks.. (fat embolism cause death)so I'm just curious to know how to avoid this.thanks docters!!I know I'm a pain

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Safety in Brazilian Butt Lift

Great question.  As a South Florida surgeon who has been performing this procedure for years before it became nationally known, I think the problems we have heard about in the media are technique-dependent and not solely due the procedure itself.  The structures you mentioned are deep down and anyone with basic skills should never endanger them.  Fat embolism is likely due to injecting too much fat in too deep a location, though that has not been solidly established in the medical literature.  However, experienced surgeons are comfortable with both high and low-volume procedures and there are many surgeons who have done this procedure plenty of times without serious problems.  

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BBL safety?

I think that everyone uses a blunt cannula to diminish the risk, but there are many, many considerations when it comes to blood supply to the fat grafts and avoiding intravascular injection.  Fat embolism is not entirely understood as it has happened with a number of other procedures as well.  I discuss the painstaking manner in which I try to reduce the risk with patients.  I inject more superficially to avoid larger vessels.   Many BBL experts advocate injecting into the muscle to improve fat graft take due to better blood supply.  However, this better blood supply is generated by larger diameter blood vessels.

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I like to inject the fat with a blunt cannula( no sharp tip) and in to the subcutaneous  and superficial muscle layers.  I try to avoid the area where the sciatic nerve comes out and where there are large venous pools.

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Safety bbl

this all comes down to safety and the experience of your surgeon I would recommend a surgeon who has done a large volume bbl's and a surgeon who has been board certified by the American Board of plastic surgery. That way if you do develop a complication they would be the highest trained surgeon to deal with it. Best of luck

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BBL safety

Thank you for your question. You are not alone, many patients have a fear of anesthesia. Yes theoretically a BBL could be done under local but it should not be. Remember a BBL is much more than just enlarging the buttocks with fat grafting. It is shaping the upper and lower back, hip and potentially the abdomen and thighs. To get the best results or even ok results it is not possible to achieve that under local anesthesia in most cases. If you have heard of a Doctor doing it in that way I am sure they are not a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Why would you trust your body and your money to anyone less trained than a fully board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck and let me know if I can't help. 

John S Mancoll,MD 

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