Severe overbite at 25, getting worse every day - what now? (Photo)

I've already had full-blown ortho back when I was a kid- braces, head gear, retainers... all of it. My parents and orthodontist both decided to opt out of going for "phase 3" of my treatment... reconstructive surgery. I was glad, at the time, that we hadn't gone to such extreme measures, but hindsight (from over 10 years ago) is showing that that was what needed to be done. My teeth have gotten worse every year. I recently saw a new orthodontist and she was actually appalled... so now what?

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Occlusion needs to be addressed

I am glad you send your question. It can be very frustrating as a patient when teeth move and relapse occurs.  Occlusion, or the bite needs to be evaluated in detail to understand what the underlying factors may be which may be contributing to this.  Once determined where the ideal bite should be positioned, then alternatives to treatment can exist, which may include, either reconstruction, or orthodontics as options to better help your situation. All of which may be approached conservatively when treating.
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