Best alternative techniques for dental implants?

Some dentists are offering alternative and minimally invasive techniques for dental implants. I want to know which is the best and cost effective treatment option of dental implants.

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Techniques for dental implant placements

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There are different techniques for implant placement, no one is better than the others are just "techniques". A dental implant success is based on bio/osseous integration of the implant and the bone structures on implant site plus special care that will require a patient with implants.The only advantage you could find is if your case is suitable for keyhole dental implant or other non open flap surgery techniques you wont need to come back to remove stitches one week after the placement. This minimal invasive techniques (that actually are invasive, a titanium screw is placed into your maxilla or mandibulae) are just marketing, they are not new and there are not such evidence on offering anything better than traditional techniques.

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Dental implants, technique

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Dear genuinedentalarts:The best technique for dental implants has nothing to do with the procedure.  It has to do with selecting the appropriate person to perform the appropriate procedure.Any major restorative treatment has to start With selecting a Prosthodontist (the specialist in restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry), or a highly trained and reputable general dentist. (Cosmetic dentistry IS NOT a specialty).  Once you have selected a "quarterback," he will direct you to the appropriate surgeon (periodontist, or oral surgeon) for the procedure.  Some prosthodontists can also perform the implant surgical placement for you as a "one stop shop," and many general dentists do too. Once the implant is placed, you can have it readily restored.The differences in technique (open flap, or closed, grafting or not, immediate extraction and placement or delayed procedures) are dependent on your particular situation and the circumstances.  Even more so, it depends on The level of expertise and comfort of your dentist.  Trust is the Most important factor.Focus on finding the proper dentist, and let the professional decide what is the most appropriate treatment for you.Best of luck,

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