What are these symptoms? Nearly 1 year post-op breast implants. (photos)

I am less than a month away from having my surgery done for 1 year . My right breast still pains sometimes feels tight and when I push it down it's tightens to almost sink in tightening to the implant . I'm worried it's not settling like my left , is perfect! And doesn't do any of that. Also when I press down it feels pressure under my ribs What could be causing this? I still have some numbness and tenderness in my right nipple as well especially feel these symptoms if I wear a push-up bra

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Pains 1 year postop

Hello, if you are still having pains about one year postop, I would suggest contacting your surgeon.  A proper assessment will be required to help determine the cause.

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It may be capsular contractureHim

When one implant feels more firm, and doesn't drop down to the bottom of the pocket compared to the opposite side, most likely diagnosis is capsular contracture. Unfortunately, this diagnosis needs to be made in person by feeling the resistance to compression of the breast implant in the pocket compared to the natural feeling side. The numbness and tenderness to be related to nerve compression and stretch from the surgery and may or may not be related to the Capsular contracture. A small revision with a partial removal of the bottom portion of the capsule may be necessary to give you a more symmetric and soft result. I recommend you discuss these options with your chosen plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

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May have capsular contracture

Thanks for the great question. The side which is a little firmer may have developed capsular contracture since you initial operation. Symptoms of this are typically a firmer breast which is sometimes painful and may ride a little higher on the chest compared to the other side. If that is the case, the capsule can be removed with an additional surgery. 

You numbness is likely related to the large implants you have in place. The implants likely have stretched the nerves going to your nipple. These symptoms may or may not improve with more time. Best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

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Concerns one year after breast augmentation surgery…

Despite good intentions, online consultants will not be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment and/or advice. Your description sounds consistent with a possible encapsulation ( heavier scar tissue around one breast implant), but this diagnosis can only be made clinically (by your plastic surgeon). Best to follow up with him/her. Best wishes.

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