What is the Newest Procedure for Areola and Nipple Replacement After Augmentation?

I had a left breast augmentation, after the implant from 1986 was leaking, and I never had a areol or nipple tatoo, what is the most newest procedure for making the areola and nippl;e replacement, besides a tatoo? I am 69 year young african-american women.

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Nipple Reconstruction and Areolar Reconstruction

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Dear Essington3847:

When the nipple and areola are absent there are several methods of reconstruction. The local skin can be rearranged into a nipple or a nipple sharing procedure can be used when the opposite nipple is large. For the areola a skin graft can be used. Tattooing is also used to provide pigmentation to the skin (and sometimes the skin graft) around the nipple to match the color of the opposite side. Be certain to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine if one of these or another method will work best for you.

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