Blood clot heamatoma 11 days post op after revision surgery, (Photo)

Hi can someone tell me how this has occurred? I had revision surgery to correct my bottoming out implants. Had my op on 9th April Suddenly yesterday 11 days post op my left boob within seconds swelled up and went massive and hard. They said they thought it was heamatoma/blood clot? Is this down to having crap surgeon? WilI have further problems? Previously. 525&460cc Under muscle Currently 615naturelle TSX x2 Over the muscle Mya cosmetic surgery Dr mario Russo

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Potential cause of a breast hematoma

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Hematomas are rare and no surgeon wants a patient to undergo having one post op. The cause of a hematoma can happen to patients under the care of even the best plastic surgeons out there. It is actually more common in revision surgeries for many reasons.
If you had a double bubble correction most likely you had some sort of tacking along the bottom of the breast and maybe some tacking laterally or medially as well. When those permanent sutures are put in it requires many sutures to be placed inside the capsule layer of the pocket. When putting the sutures there is a needle on the suture that punctures that tissue inside the pocket that can cause bleeding as well. And even if the doctor inspects the pocket before closing the breast pockets bleeding can occur. The recovery can be easier the second time around because the skin has stretched already and it is not as tight. When the recovery isn't as bad patients are more comfortable and start to become more active sooner than what they would after the initial breast augmentation. Raising the heart rate or lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects cause the blood to pump faster than usual and a vessel that may have not been bleeding during surgery can start to at that point. I really emphasize to my patients the importance of taking it easy after surgery. Not lifting or getting their heart rate up for a minimum of 2 weeks and after the 2 weeks I recommend they can resume to about 50%  normal daily activity.

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