Will laxity improve with time after surgery?

I had lower blepharoplasty with canthal tightening 15 days ago. Currently I have dry eye and am treating it with regular drops. I have noticed that my lower lid is not hugging my eyeball in the outer corners. It isn't pulled down just not sticking to the eye itself. I am currently pushing/massaging my lower eyelid skin up regularly as instructed by my surgeon - will this also help with laxity? Are there any other exercises I can do to help the lid sit against my eyeball? Is this common?

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Lower blepharoplasty with canthal tightening

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In the early phases of healing after blepharoplasty with canthal surgery, the tissues are thickened. The swelling of the lid tissues (and possibly bulbar conjunctiva) may push the lid away from the eye. Also, the orbicularis muscle is edematous and may not be entirely functional in holding the lid to the eye. Week by week, the lids should get closer to the eyeball. Many surgeons prefer transconjunctival blepharoplasty to avoid the difficult healing that you are experiencing. Keep your follow-up visits with your surgeon so that he/she may continue to coach you through this process. If you do not see improvement over the next couple of weeks, and your surgeon does not provide answers that are satisfactory, a second opinion is in order. Best wishes for your recovery.

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I reviewed your previously post photos-rough surgery.

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This is frank lateral ectropion.  Your surgeon's lateral canthal procedure caused this.  This gap requires lateral canthal reconstruction.  This is all the more complex because the surgery you weakens the insertion of the eyelids at the corner.  It is critical in my opinion to let these tissues heal for at least 6 months before repairing this.  It is improbably that your eyelid surgeon has the necessary skill to repair this problem.  Do not simply let them take you back to surgery for a "tuck."  Unless you hare having chronic corneal exposure that can't be managed medically with eyedrops and ointment, these issues need to heal.  Avoid letting surgeons from doing quick fixes that will used up the resources you need to ultimately be repaired.  I encourage you to seek a second opinion here.  5-FU and judicious use of corticosteroids are minimally helpful.  Massage is also minimally helpful.  None of these treatments will substitute for reconstructive surgery to put the lateral canthus back were it belongs. 

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Will laxity improve following eyelid surgery

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Thank you for sharing your question. You might see improvement of the eyelid position over the next couple of months. You should not massage too hard. Make sure to follow up with your surgeon.  Good luck,

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