Can Botox be used inside nostrils? Can Botox be used to repair sill nostril floor? How long does Botox last?

Asymmetric nostrils due to cocaine abuse has left one nostril sill so thinned and deteriorated that it's got a large dent. There is no sill left. Skin graft? Botox? I was told surgery would pull the lip up towards the nostril and would be worse. Can you advise. who is the best to operate advise on this. Would that be a ENT specialist or a rhinoplasty surgeon or? I don't know who to see about this as it's the Sill nostril floor. Thank you

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Rhinoplasty surgeon

Botox would not be the answer for this problem. A picture would be very helpful to offer some ideas for repair. If there is a dent in the skin you might be able to use a filler or fat grafting to fix this problem As for who should help you I think any board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon should be able to do this.

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