9 days after surgery. Do I have ecropion? (photos)

Is this swelling of my lower eyelid margins, dry eye or ecropion? If it is ecropion is it due to swelling (my face is very tight and there is not a wrinkle or a line visible). My surgeon has told me from the beginning to do massage of the lower lid but insisted not to start until 1 week after my stitches came out which will be day 14, this is day 9. Will it go away with the swelling?

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Surgery of the lower lid - Bleph 21

In my courses for more than 15 years I use to say:"Women in their late thirties have some features changing in their face. The culprit is the receding of BONE surfaces and edges starting the ageing chain reaction (oestrogen).When a surgeon did a blepharoplasty of the lower lid there is a risk of ECTROPION.But not in your case the surgeon has been very conservative and after swelling receding you will enjoy a good result and ask him to correct the upper lids.

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