I have an issue with the fact my surgeon played a very minor role in my FUE surgery

Most of my extractions were done by a sub contracted medical student - i feel I may not have got the maximum yield possible for my 2000 grafts (4000 hairs, 500 singles) also my singles are above average - I had to ask 3 times after the surgery for this information and was told by the owner that he has never been asked for this information

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Questions about surgeon

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You have every right to get all of the information about your surgery, at least in the United States. The surgical record plus your memory is sufficient to find out what happened and by whom

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Ethical Issues in FUE Hair Transplant

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The extraction of each and every graft in an FUE procedure is considered surgery. In the United States it is illegal for a person not licensed by the state medical board to perform surgery to perform FUE hair transplant. You should always request to know who would be performing the extractions in your planed surgery. Also know the entire staff that would be involved and the role of each staff in the surgery.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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My extractions were done by a sub contracted medical student

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You should better to go a full time hair restoration surgeon for getting true answer about number of grafts and for possible revision . Because I think preoperative planning and implantation may also be poor.. I recommend you to find out a surgeon who is a member of ISHRS and dedicated to hair transplant .

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Issue with plastic surgeon having medical student perform FUE surgery

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Al2308,This is an important topic that needs to be considered before deciding what to do about your hair loss. The more research the better. The answer lies in first finding an experienced provider in the field of hair restoration surgery.The gold standard certification in hair restoration surgery, is the Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS),the only certification endorsed by ISHRS( International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). Once a hair loss specialist has achieved all the qualifications application for the ISHRS Fellow can be made.  Most practices dedicated full time to hair restoration offer all hair restoration services including FUE and FUT procedures. ARTAS is an advanced robotic system that insures accurate scoring of follicular unit grafts. It can speed up the procedure time in the appropriately selected patients. However, sometimes it is necessary to finish the procedure with manual motorized FUE with one device or another. Time needs to be invested in viewing a lot of photos and videos of patient results of the respective practices because this is a procedure that is very art dependent to create the most natural results possible.. Unfortunately all too often without enough research the individual ends up with a hair transplant that looks like one!
Very best of luck,
Bernardino Arocha, MD

Surgeons Role in FUE

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Surgery should only be performed by surgeons. What your doctor did is considered to be illegal in most states. Contacting your state medical board and notifying them of your situation could help prevent further abuse.

You may want to look in to the legal laws of your country. Medical students should not be doing your surgery.

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You may want to look in to the legal laws of your country (where you had surgery).  Medical students should not be doing your surgery.  

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Ethical Hair Transplant

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Unfortunately, with the advent of FUE devices and physicians with little or no knowledge of hair transplant surgery are entering the field. Great hair transplant results are not an accident. Do your research carefully and find a full time hair transplant surgeon. There are less than 100 in USA. 

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