Will my deformed ear correct itself? (photos)

I had ear correction surgery 3 weeks ago on both ears. My left ear is perfect. My problem is with my right ear. It is very out of shape and deformed. I know it is still very swollen and bruised. I am aware that it can take 3 months for the final result but I cannot see how this will fix itself as it's so bad. I talked to my consultant but didn't mention the deformity as its obvious and he would just tell me to wait and see. Is it really possible that an ear this bad will end up looking ok?

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Deformity after otoplasty...

You should discuss this concern with your surgeon.  In my experience irregularity to this degree will not self correct.  A suture used to bend the cartilage into the proper position may have come loose...in any case, your surgeon knows the technique used to shape your ears and can best address this issue.  Good luck!

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