just had labiaplasty yesterday. Is this normal?

i just got labiaplasty prosedure done yesterday norming its not toto painfull i was just wondering if its normal its so swolen and dark plus purple will it look normal ?

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Swelling and bruising is normal

But the amount of each is variable. Swelling is most with the hood has also been reduced. There's a fine line between what's OK and normal and what's not (i.e. What might be bleeding). See one woman's labiaplasty recovery in the video above.

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Labiaplasty Yesterday

Light bruising and light swelling are common after labiaplasty. If it's more than mild or it's worsening, see your surgeon.

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Swelling and bruising

are common after labiaplasty.  As long as the swelling isn't continuing to expand or be associated with increasing pains, it is usually benign and will resolve as you heal.  Regardless, you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon since your surgeon knows what you looked like when the procedure was finished and if any real problems are developing.  And if you don't have any problems, you can rest assured that you will look normal one day again.

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Labiaplasty one day post op

Bruising and discoloration is normal. Some swelling also. If you are worried call your doctor and discuss your concerns. Bruising goes away in about 7-10 days.

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What to expect post-op Labiaplasty; all you need to know!

Hello Melani,

First I will answer you briefly.  But-- forfull info on recovery, click on the link below for much additional info from my website.  The last 2 blogs I've written are about recovery..!

The 2nd-5th/7th day after labiaplasty is usually marked by significant swelling and discoloration.  It gets "bloated," purple, "knobby" & irregular and can look absolutely awful!  Be patient and don't get too fearful.  Ice the area for 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours.  Don't pull or tug at it.  Rest!! Take ibuprofen 600 mg 3 X/day for 3 days if the swelling is significant. Somewhere around post-op day 5 or 6 the swelling & discoloration will begin to recede.  It's best if your doc sees you for your first post-op check somewhere around day 5-10. It is also normal to have some light bleeding for 1-3 days, and for one side, or the clitoral area to be more swollen than the rest.

Danger signs:  Brisk bleeding ("drip-drip-drip.."); incision wide open (a very small separation in some area is not unusual); one side WAY larger than the other, or a "goose-egg"; pain increasing after the first 24 hours. If you are unsure or worried, contact your surgeon; he/she may ask you to take a "selfie" and send it to him/her in order to better guide you on what to do...


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Labiaplasty Recvovery

Thanks for your question about cosmetic labiaplasty.

In general most labiaplasty patients experience very little pain.  The procedure should be done very meticulously and repaired with very fine smooth sutures.  Some minor bruising is to be expected, but it should not be extensive.  In most cases where there is a problem related to post surgical bleeding the area can become swollen and painful.  Make sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concern.

Best Wishes

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