Unilateral ptosis - can it be corrected? (Photo)

My eyes have been asymmetrical since birth. I get headaches/migraines usually focused around my right eye (the lower upper lid), I'm not sure if this may be in part due to straining. I don't have any visual field loss, but can see my lid in the upper outer corner of my right eye if taking notice. Would this benefit from surgery cosmetically and for reducing headaches and if so, to just the lid or the brow also? I'm aware I won't achieve perfect symmetry as the lower lids are also asymmetrical.

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This is not unilateral ptosis.

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This is bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.  You need a detailed personal consultation with a surgeon who knows how to perform aesthetic ptosis surgery.  You use your eyebrow to help open the eyes.  This is called brow compensation.  With ptosis surgery, the brows should relax to a more normal position.

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Unilateral ptosis - can it be corrected?

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You do appear to have right upper eyelid ptosis (greater than left). You should be a candidate for eyelid ptosis surgery. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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