Should i get Veneers? (photos)

I am a 22 year old Female, with what i like to describe as a "small" denture . I lost a tooth at a young age and over the years my teeth have accommodated but i feel as though there are too many gaps in comparison to my right side. I also have 2 root canals with pretty much a fake tooth over whats left my tooth ( #20 & #29) . Also wisdom teeth fit & are still in my denture. My fear with veneers is damaging my teeth ( considering they are to be filed down to fit ) . I am afraid .

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You are a candidate for veneers, but I  would suggest orthodontics first. Moving your teeth into a more symmetrical position between left and right may allow you to have fewer and more conservative veneers. I would consult with an orthodontist and share you long term smile goals. 

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Veneers would be a great option for you #DrSarahThompson

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You would be a perfect candidate for veneers.  They would close up all the gaps, whiten your teeth, and make them more cosmetically appealing.  You would not need that much tooth structure removed, only minimal structure removed.  I would recommend thoroughly researching a good cosmetic dentist that has great before and after photos of patients, so that you will know what to expect with your outcome.  Before and after photos matter most of all.  I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.  

No! Orthodontics and Implant instead

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You appear to have very pretty and healthy teeth, and  I do not feel you should have veneers.  Instead, orthodontics should be used to re-establish the space of the missing tooth, then a single tooth implant and crown could be performed and you are done.  No drilling or artificial materials on your beautiful natural teeth.I do not recommend Invisalign for the orthodontic method in this case. Conventional wires and brackets will be the best way to re-establish the space.Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area

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