What can I do about my eyes? My lower eyelids overlap my eyes. They appear big & bulgy. I'd like to get an almond shape (Photo)

I've noticed when I wear eye makeup, specifically winged liner and concealer under the eyes, my eyes look smaller, and almond shaped. The lower eyelid overlapping is greatly reduced thanks to the concealer. Is there a type of surgery I can do to achieve a more appealing eye shape? Also, one eye is way bigger than the other. Anything I can do to fix that as well?

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Lower eyelid rejuventation

Thank you for your question. You appear to be quite young in your photos. I do not believe you need surgery at this time. However, you can consider injectable treatments around the lower eyelids in order to create a smooth appearance in the area. You should  seek an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Small Eyes

From these photos it looks like you have Ptosis (drooping) of your upper eyelids. This is causing you to lift your eyebrows and giving a hollow appearance to the upper eyelid area. If we were able to lift your upper eyelids I believe your eyebrows would come down as your eyelids elevated. This would open up your eyelid area.

You should consult an Oculoplastic Surgeon that could demonstrated what this would look  like by putting drops in your eyes to temporarily elevate your eyelids.

David Schlessinger, MD
Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon
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