Crooked and uneven nostrils. (photos)

My nostrils are cricked and or uneven. My nose was always like this but as I got older it became much more noticable. What would you recommend. Is Non surgical an option? How much would is cost?

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Non Surgical Nose Job

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Hi there, I do a lot of non-surgical nose procedures at my practices but I don't think your nostrils can be fixed without surgery. It may be minor surgery, but a rhinoplasty expert can probably tell you more about what can be done. The non-surgical nose options are usually limited to fillers to correct bumps, depressions and scars.

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How do you fix uneven nostrils?

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Hello b7guzman - Thanks for your question. A certain amount of nostril asymmetry can be normal. If you feel that things are changing as you get older, it may be because the support to the tip of your nose is weakening and things are shifting.  There is no nonsurgical option to improve this.  You would need surgery.  Also, complete symmetry is probably not entirely possible.  I would recommend that you consult with a rhinoplasty specialist in your area for more information.  Good luck, Dr. Shah

Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS
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