9 weeks and my incision is opening by itself to drain; is it normal? (Photos)

Had problem since 3 week op first with seroma doctor left into 7 week op and bust on its on !! Now 9week op and all different location are opening 1 whole is bigger in front and rest are a pencil tip am very concern

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Open surgical wounds


Thanks for the question and for the photos.  It's a little hard to follow the history you presented.  It is not uncommon to have areas open and some drainage after surgery (even weeks later).  These type of wounds heal with local wound care.  The catheter in one of the photos was not adaquately explained.

Best of luck.

Dr. T

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OPen wounds

It looks like you still have a catheter in place.  If the open wounds are superficial, then  local wound care is likely all you need. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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9 weeks and my incision is opening by itself to drain; is it normal?

Hi- I'm sorry your having such a difficult time in the post operative period. Unfortunately these small issues with the incision do happen and not infrequently. They are pretty easily managed by keeping the little wounds clean and dry and they will heal in on their own. Good Luck! I hope you love your result.

Jordan P. Farkas, MD
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