I had a tummy tuck and lipo on 10/5/16. I still have both drains in. (Photo)

My right drain went from initially draining red to the straw colored shown below. However, the left drain went from red to straw color and now its back to red. Is this normal? Still producing more than 20-25cc in a 24hr period. Also, want to know if my incision looks ok on the left side by my drain.

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I will often remove drains when they are less than 30 cc/24 hours. Best discuss this with your surgeon.  

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Your drains appear to be normal. The amount and type of fluid can vary after surgery. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon as scheduled 

David R. Alfonso, MD, FACS
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Normal Post-op Course

Thank you for your question and photos.  Based on what you are describing and your photos, it appears that you are recovering as would be expected for having had combined procedures.  If you have specific concerns, feel free to call your surgeon or their staff.  I am sure they want you to have a smooth, worry free recovery.  Best wishes.

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Drain output after a tummy tuck

Your drain output is normal.  It usually goes from red to straw color, and can occasionally, go back to red.  This is because there is a large space under your skin flap, and with change in activity, your drain output and color can change.   Your incision on the left side looks ok.   However, it looks like you are having drainage through your incision, or maybe your drain site (?), noting the fluid on your dressing pad.   Do follow up with your surgeon.

Best Wishes.

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