Are my inner vagina lips bigger than usual? (Photo)

I have always been very self conscious about my Labia (vaginal folds) I was just wondering if they are bigger than normal or out of the normal range?

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Are my inner vagina lips bigger than usual?

You have enlargement of your labia minora and clitoral hood. The spectrum of normal vulvar anatomy is wide, and you appear to have normal anatomy. The main issue is how you feel about the appearance.

If you are concerned, you would be a good candidate for a labia minora and clitoral hood reduction. Make sure you find you find a board-certified plastic surgeon or experienced cosmetic vulovaginal surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Labia minor size / labiaplasty candidate

There is a wide range in the appearance of patient's labia. What most people consider aesthetically pleasing is to have the labia minor (inner vaginal lips) protrude less than 1cm from the labia majora (outer vaginal lips). Your anatomy does appear normal, but if you are concerned by the degree of protrusion, than you would be a good candidate for a labiaplasty. If the skin on the lateral aspect of clitoral hood is also a concern, this can be addressed at the same time, but a wedge labiaplasty can often improve the appearance without further resection.

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Enlarge Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood

Yes, you have enlarged labia and clitoral hood. This is still "normal" but since you have been so self-conscious about it, I would recommend you find a plastic surgeon or experienced cosmetic vulovaginal surgeon to discuss your concerns.

You are a great candidate for a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. This will reduce the prominence of the labia and help to expose the clitoris more easily. The goal will be to have the labia majora cover the inner tissues when standing. Find a good doctor to help take care of you, I think you will be very happy!

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Labia minora size

Thank you for your question. There is no absolute "normal" with the female vulva. The labia minora can have a lot of variability from person to person. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure typically done to reduce the size of the labia minora. This is done for cosmetic appearance, because the tissue gets snagged or pulled during intercourse or exercise or in tight clothing. This is a procedure that is often done to help with self confidence, but by no means to create a "normal" appearance.

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Larger inner labia

There is always a range of normal for every body part,
Labialplasty is probably the most common of the Vaginal Enhancement procedures. A candidate for a Labiaplasty procedure is concerned about the appearance of her labia or she may experience pain and discomfort from large, long or uneven labia; usually of the inner lips or labia minora. This may result in chronic rubbing, which leads to difficulty in wearing tight clothing , such as leggings; tight shorts and bathing suits can reveal a “Camel Toe” which can be corrected with treatment. Enlarged or uneven labia may have a significant psychological impact and severely affect normal sexual relations.

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Enlarged Labia Minora

There is a wide range of appearance to the size and shape of a woman's labia. There is no absolute "normal" standard. However, in the photos you have provided, it does appear that you have labia minora which are on the larger side. The protruding labia minora can get caught in some clothing or the tissue can get snagged during exercise and intercourse, making it uncomfortable. The operation for enlarged labia for both cosmetic and functional reasons is reshaping and reduction through a labiapasty. Dr. B.

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Looks "normal"

There is no "normal range" when it comes to the labia minora, the inner lips of the genital area. Therefore, what you show looks normal. However, if this is causing you some discomfort when wearing certain clothing or activities, then labiaplasty can help. 

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Labiaplasty for protruding labia minora

The protrusion of your labia minora makes you a candidate for labiaplasty surgery if the problem is cosmetically or functionally upsetting to you.

Dr. Karamanoukian
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Inner Lips Bigger Than Usual

Thank you for your question. There is no objective "normal" size. The skin you are referring to has three overlapping sections referred to as Labia minora , clitoral prepuce and Clitoral Hood. There is a wide variation of size and appearance of these structures that are all considered "normal" but , many women complain of discomfort or unsightliness and prefer to have them reduced in size. There have been ten published descriptions alone on how to reduce just the labia minora, each with different final appearance along with several approaches to treating prepuce and hood.
If you feel the need to have surgical correction, find a surgeon with experience who can offer different ways to perform the procedure and give you different choices of final appearances so you can choose which you prefer. Avoid an office that does not address the prepuce and hood or one that uses a" one way fits all" approach to labiaplasty.

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Are Her Labia Minora Normal?

From your photos you appear to be normal. The range of what is normal is huge, so even if you don't look someone else who is normal, that's all part of being human....everyone is different!

That said, women who dislike are have physical pain from their long labia sometimes opt to have a labiaplasty. To find out more about why women get labiaplasty surgery and what it does for them, click on the link below.

All the best.

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