Do I need a surgery? I had a thyroid disease and my eyes changed. (Photo)

Hello! After a thyroid disease (Graves and Hashimoto), my eyes have changed and made me sad. I always seem to have dead fish eyes in my photos. I am 39 and maybe it's time to think about a surgery. What do you recommend? Regards! Please check out: Excess of skin in upper eyelid and scleral show.

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Thyroid eye disease treatment

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Restorative surgery can be considered. Please see following link which covers in details treatment for thyroid eye disease. It can include orbital decompression and/or eyelid surgery. See an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.

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Eye changes

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It is very hard to determine how your eyes may have changed due to the thyroid issues. Graves disease and Hashimotos can have overlapping antibody panels so this can make the diagnosis confusing. I woudl recommend you seek a opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon who deals with thyroid issues frequently.  I suspect a customized approach to improve your concerns is very reasonable.  Our group specializes in this disease and happy to help or skype as needed.  

Good luck!

It is unlikely that you have both Grave's disease and Hashimoto's.

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It is impossible to address your concerns in this forum.  Generally Grave's disease is associated with by far the most significant eye changes but this only occurs in a minority who develop hyperthyroidism.  Hashimoto's is also an autoimmue disease that affects the thyroid but it is less commonly associated with eye changes.  Often is it discovered after the fact and is associated with hypothyroidism.  You should seek careful assessment of your eyelids and orbit by a fellowship trained oculofacial surgeon.

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Eyelid problems related to thyroid disease

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Thank you for sharing your question and photos. Before considering surgery, your eyelid changes should be stable for a year. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon in person for comprehensive evaluation and proper guidance.  Good luck,

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