Is it still possible to stretch breast pocket at 9 mths post op?

I Had round texture silicone mod implants 9 mths ago- but feel they don't have as much 'natural' movement as I want. My massage routine was more like 5 mins, once a day, between 2 and 4 They feel soft, natural enough when standing, or when lying on side, but very hard after lying on back all nite, or if I lift arms above my head, and have lack movement when walking or running. Will displacemnt massage at this stage still help ? Or be able to help them d&f more ? Any other suggestions pls?

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Post Op Massage

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Thank you for your question. You stated that you have textured implants. They are designed to lock into place and not be moveable/massaged/displaced. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon so that they can guide you.
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Will massage help me ?

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Very often post operative massage is recommended for women who have undergone breast augmentation with a smooth surfaced implant. When an implant is placed the body naturally forms lining around the implant creating a pocket surrounding the implant. This is called a capsule. The reason for the massage is to keep open pocket that was created for the implant. By keeping the pocket open the smooth implant is allowed to move freely within the pocket thereby simulating the feel of a natural breast. In some cases the capsule that forms around the implant can shrink thereby contracting and make the breasts feel unnaturally firm by keeping the implant from moving freely. Textured implants were designed for the body to grow into the textured surface and prevent the possibility of contracture. Because of the intended ingrowth of the capsule into the surface of the implant massage is not normally recommended.. Considering that you have a textured implant massage would normally not be recommended and would not be expected to help with your current problem. It would be best for you to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon to help to better understand your situation. Good luck.

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