Normal for one week post-op? (Photo)

This is a photo from 1 week post op. It looks really gruesome and I am just wanting to know if anything looks out of the ordinary? I have, however, close to no pain.

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Not exactly normal

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That's not exactly normal, but not terrible in terms of appearance. The problems that I see are that it's not exactly even. Compare that to the postop appearance in the video above. This is a nuanced surgery, like a cleft lip operation, that requires a meticulous approach and not just a "hog it together" effort. That said, you'll be ok as the healing progresses. Be patient, follow instructions, and stay the course. The results i think will be OK once the swelling goes down.


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although you are still in the early phase of recovery and often times there is significant swelling, you are unfortunately experiencing more then most. 

Make sure to follow up with your surgeon and follow all post op instructions.

Best of luck!

Severely bruised after labiaplasty

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Your labia majora are bruised. This results from bleeding into the area from the site of the labiaplasty. The scars on the right side appear superficially separated. Go see your surgeon.

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