Has my laser hair removal been performed correctly? (photos)

I had my first laser hair removal treatment done on my chin today (I have previously done IPL on my upper lip and experienced immediate smoothness and hair loss) and I am wondering if this has been performed correctly. I was specifically told not to shave the area beforehand (unlike IPL), and as you can see from the photos I am still left with a lot of dark hairs in the area - this is not what I was expecting. Will these existing hairs fall out? Or has my technician done this incorrectly?

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Laser hair removal

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Thanks for your question. Whether hairs fall out immediately or not is not an indicator of treatment success. Hair will be shed by normal mechanisms and in the case of the follicles that were destroyed by the laser, new hair will not grow in behind them. So you should see some improvement over the course of a few weeks.
Lisa Vuich, MD

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