Is Invisalign an option for internal teeth? If not, what is? (Photo)

I am 22 years old and still have my baby canines which are now very tiny and chipped from overuse over the years. My adult canines are internal and have grown INTO the roof of my mouth. My other teeth are very crooked and overcrowded. My two front teeth are giant in comparison to all other teeth. Is a mess like that possible to fix with invisalign? What other options do I have? And once all is done, what sort of procedure can be done to make all my teeth roughly the same size?

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Invisalign or Orthodontist

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After reading your description it seems that your case is little bit complicated but no need to worry dentist can fix this issue. You just need to visit your nearby dentist that considered to be the best one for the treatment. You have to keep patience because in your case it require time to fix all the issues. 

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Invisalign an option?

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Invisalign can do great things but based on your description, traditional braces in conjunction with oral surgery may be indicated. Once the teeth are moved into proper position /ideal bite (a proper bite is key), then veneers and or crowns can be done to create a harmonious smile. To accomplish what you want, investment of time, money and patience should be considered. An in-office comprehensive examination by orthodontist-including xrays, scans...should be done so you have all the information. Invisalign could potentially work but it sounds like your case is complicated and could involve various procedures. ie oral surgeon, orthodontist and general dentist.

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