I have two mini implants surporting a partial denture, can these implants be used for a three front teeth fixed bridge?

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It depends, but be careful!

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Mini implants are generally used for retaining dentures or partial dentures. Depending on the attachment at the top, there may be a way to use them as abutments to support teeth (crowns and bridges). However, the design, size, and strength of mini implants is usually too weak for sustained function under a bridge and if you do manage to find someone to put a bridge on the implants they may fail in the not too distant future. If you go forward with it, you might want to request that the teeth are made to be short enough that they look ok but can't be used for much actual biting.

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Mini dental implants

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Mini dental implants are designed to add retention to removable dentures. They cannot support fixed restorations such as bridges. If they are used to support fixed restorations, they would fail.

Mini implants are not the same as conventional implants

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Mini implants are not able to be used as a conventional implants for a fixed 3 unit bridge redtoration.

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