What would you recommend for my teeth? (Photo)

I would like to get all the teeth fixed in the pictures but i would like the top row to be the main focus as they are the worse, i have one of the front teeth with a cap because i broke it in half as a child. I would aslo like all the gaps to be filled in and my canines to be more even. Thank you.

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Yes there is a solution, and you will have great results, its a combination of different procedures, root canal, posts, crowns and veneers can be done, and you will have change in shape, size and even color, you will love the way your teeth will be, and you will have that smile you always wanted.

Closing gaps

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You need to find a cosmetic dentist that you trust.  You need a porcelain crown on your front teeth and veneers on your other teeth to close the gap properly and create  a nice smile.  Picture doesnt show your full smile, cosmetic dentist will decide on how may veneers you need, to appropriately close gapes and create a natural smile.  Good luck.

What would you recommend for my smile ?

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In My opinion, you have 3 good options

1-have a consult with orthodontist and go over the pros and cons, time and the cost 

2- redo the front tooth crown, and place 3 upper front porcelain veneer, and 4 lower dental veneer, the rest of the gaps, close with dental bond.

3- The most conservative and least cost, is to have dental bonding on all the gaps, in which is the most conservative treatment and less removal of tooth structure PLUS redo your front crown.

Having said that you will be needing a complete evaluation and bite analysis, so the good dentist can go over the risks and benefits with you!

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Veneers and crowns can fix your teeth $DrSarahThompson

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You would need at least porcelain veneers on the top to close your spaces and fix your broken tooth.  Make sure you select a dentist that really knows what he or she is doing, since you would be fixing teeth that are in the front of your mouth.  

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