I hate my new teeth; how hard is it to get the teeth off and make a new bridge?

I had an upper full dental implant bridge made and I now have a permanent lisp and my mouth twists when i say certain words. I hate them and I feel really self concious. My face has sunk in and i look ten years older than my age. How hard is it to get the teeth off and make a new bridge. Thanking you. Cheryl

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Dental Implant bridge and facial collapse

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You mentioned several problems which can be corrected:1) Lisp, most likely due to the way the front teeth meet together when trying to pronunciate "s" or "f".  It is usually due to air escaping. The teeth can be adjusted to correct this.2) Looking 10 years older and face sunken in.  Most likely due to the new teeth being built to the incorrect vertical dimension and perhaps too narrow of an arch as well.  These can be tried in and worked out prior to placement of the permanent restorations.3) Removing implant bridges:  almost everything can be removed.  Not sure what type of bridge you have so I cannot tell you how hard it would be to remove them.Good news is that it sounds as if you can be helped.  Dental Implants are wonderful when used correctly in conjunction with proper jaw, muscle, and teeth relationships.

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