How to have a Bone Graft and eventually implant for left upper incisor without allowing shifting in teeth? (Photo)

I have this bridge for 2 years now. The gum has receeded. I plan to have the pontic ONLY removed and leave the crows for now since I cannot afford all of them at the same time, and have bone graft and dental implant. But how to prevent the teeth from shifting, since bone graft takes 6 months to heal before implant is placed?The crowns will be replaced by another dentist overseas, but the implant will be done locally for healing and regular checks. What's the best solution for this? Thank you.

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How to prevent shifting teeth before implants placed

I'm glad you are concerned about maintaining the space for your eventual implant crown as adjacent teeth can move if there is nothing to prevent it.  Since the area is in the front of your mouth, a temporary partial called a flipper can be used to maintain space, help shape the tissue and provide esthetics.  It does have to be fabricated properly for this and a good restorative dentist should be able to do this for you.  Good luck!

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