What cosmetic treatment do I need? Jawline Botox or Buccal Pad Removal? (photo)

My photo is attached and I am very much sick of my huge face when my body is perfect and slim. I am planning to go for Jawline Botox but a doctor advised me that it would not help me that much as i need Buccal Pad removal. To what percentage I can look better if I undergo just Jawline Botox and not Buccal Pad removal (im afraid of later). What other treatments would be suitable for me? What do you think my main problem area is? Your advise will be highly appreciated.

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Botox and buccal fat pad removal

It appears that you have fullness in your cheeks as well as a wider jawline. As a result, it may be suitable for you to undergo both procedures. However, you should speak to a board certified plastic surgeon for a physical assessment.

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Jawline reduction

If is hard to say without an in-person exam, but you would benefit from both.  You have fullness in the front that a buccal fat removal would help with.  The Botox in the masseters is for near the angle of the jaw.  Best wishes!

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