Which chemical peel would suit me the most and how regularly should I have it and should I do a light peel to follow it?

I'm of mixed race with mostly medium olive skin tone but with yellow brown colours and pink colours here and there on my skin. that sounds strange but I have different colours throughout my face and body due to hyper pigmentation. I wish to have the same akintone throughout my face and my arms. My arms were left unprotected in my teenage years and have a deep tan which rarely fades and some dark spots.The same applies to my feet which has a deep sunburnt area.

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Which Chemical Peel Will Work on Darker Skin Tone?? Ask Dr Ellen

Thank you for the question.

There are a wide variety of chemical peel solutions with effects that range from mild, all the way to deep peeling.  When the skin tones are variable, it is a bit more challenging to settle on just one peel solution.
Sometimes it makes sense to use a range of solutions to maximize the outcome.

First and foremost however, is to try a test spot in a place that is not widely visible.  If you have had the experience of hyperpigmentation in the past due to sun exposure/burns, there is a chance that you will
not have a favorable outcome from a peel.

A consultation is your best bet for ensuring a safe and satisfying result.

Thanks for asking!
Dr Ellen Mahony

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