My Under Arm Incision on my left armpit isn't healing as well as my right arm. What are reasons for this?

I'm 2 weeks post Op and I had a endoscopic BA (through the armpit). My right armpit scar is healing great and I have almost a full range of movement in it, however my left arm is not feeling as great. It doesn't feel infected but almost like it hasn't been stitched back together properly as when i lift my arm to not even shoulder height I feel like there's a tendon pulling down the inside of my upper arm. I concerned that this won't get any better and I'm not sure what to do about it. Help?

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Incision Concerns


Thank you for your question. Two weeks is very early in recovery. At 6 weeks we generally consider scars to be strong and I wouldn't recommend pulling/forcing a stretch on that area until then. If you have concerns about the incision or ongoing discomfort it would be best to have this examined in person with your Plastic Surgeon.

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Early postoperative changes

Thank you for your question.  Incisions beneath the arm in the axilla tend to heal fairly slowly.  Remember, you have had a breast implant placed beneath the pectoralis muscle. This will contribute to feelings of tightness and may be contributing to your inability to completely raise your arm on the left side.  Your body makes more scar tissue initially then will be present in the final scar.  Scars can continue to soften and remodel for up to a year to two years after surgery.  I wouldn't be too overly concerned this soon in your postoperative recovery that anything is wrong.  Try to be patient, and always follow your surgeons advise. Best of luck. 

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My Under Arm Incision on my left armpit isn't healing as well as my right arm. What are reasons for this?

Thank you for your question.  It would not be abnormal to have one side look and feel different during the healing process than the other.  It has only been two weeks and it can take several weeks to be healed (even a few months for some patients).  Keep in touch with your surgeon and follow their advice.  Good luck.

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Post operative under arm healing

Hello and thank you for reaching out. Any incision that is placed in the axilla will take longer to heal and will look beat up for some time as well. The pulling you feel could be from the implants, and your chest wall may need time to readjust to the implants being placed. If you have any concerns about infection, it's best to contact your surgeon and follow up with them. Best Wishes. 

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