9 days after ptosis surgery, looks worse than before. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had ptosis surgery on my left eye lid 9 days ago, the bruising has cleared up nicely. However I feel like my eye lid looks worse than it did before, at what point should I see some form of improvement, thank you.

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Ptosis surgery left upper eyelid

It appears the height and contour (shape) of the left upper eyelid is very good and fairly symmetric with the right upper eyelid. 10 days after surgery is still very early in the post-operative course. You appear to still have moderate swelling of the eyelid. This can take several months to fully resolve but should look much better by about 1 month after surgery. Good luck!

Danbury Oculoplastic Surgeon

Ptosis Post-op

Hi mjhooper, Thanks for your question and photo. Looking at your picture, I notice that for 9 days post-op you look great. You are correct in noticing that your bruising has mostly resolved. However,  you still have a fair amount of swelling of your left upper lid (which is completely normal for 9 days post-op). Based on the lack of a visible scar on your upper lid, I am assuming you had a posterior ptosis correction procedure. This typically takes 2-3 months for the swelling to completely resolve. Compresses (hot or cold) can sometimes help. If you have sufficient concern, I would contact your surgeon but overall you appear to be having a normal post-operative course. Good luck!

John McCann, MD, PhD
Sandy Oculoplastic Surgeon
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