7 months post op my gummy bear anatomical implants are both rotating inwards. How would you correct this problem? (photos)

I have 335cc moderate profile naturelle anatomical implants. I love how they look when they are not rotated. They always correct themselves quickly. What is the likely reason why this has happened? What would you suggest is the best thing to do from here?. I have quite low body fat percentage so not much tissue to cover implants at the top. now a D cup i love look of my breasts when the implant is right, though they are hard. I want similar size results if possible. I had my crease lowered.

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Hello and thank you for your question. From the photos you have submitted the implants appear to be in good position. An examination would be the best way to determine if your implants are rotating. If that is the case then a revision surgery would be required to correct the position. Best Wishes 

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