What Are the Possibilities of Nose Looking Worse After Nose Job when Done by Top Surgeon, and What Are the Reasons?

I really want to get this done, but i know the risk of anything going wrong with your nose after surgery, and i most definitely do not want a pig nose or anything like that... how can i avoid this???

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Rhinoplasty risks

It is great to hear you are doing some research prior to having surgery. Like any surgery, rhinoplasty has associated risks. In rare cases, it is possible for the end result to be less than desirable. This is usually due to an aggressive technique. Sometimes, less is more with rhinoplasty. A conservative approach is essential for the satisfaction of the patient and to avoid a poor outcome. Generally, we can't control the way the patient heals, which is why a touch up may sometimes be necessary even if the procedure is performed properly by a skilled specialist. So how can a poor result be prevented? Experience is very important. Ideally, your surgeon is fellowship trained and board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Your prospective surgeon should also have a good amount of before and after photos so you may get an idea of their results. Testimonials and the office are important as well. Do a little bit of homework, and you will be able to choose the surgeon who is right for you. Thanks and good luck!

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Risk of Rhinoplasty Going Wrong?

Although no surgeon can guarantee that any surgery will be successful, the chances are extremely high that you will get an excellent result if you go to an experienced surgeon who consistently gets excellent results.  You should make sure that the surgeon does many more than a few noses per year and that they can show you many good before and after results.  

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Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you select an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and are clear about your goals, risks are minimal. Ask the surgeon about his/her revision rate in primary noses like yours. Look at results in noses that looked like yours before surgery.

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Talking to your surgeon and making sure he understands your desires and fears is what you need to do. Also look at the photos he shows you. If you don't like his results, don't do it with him. Communication is key. 

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Not clearly discussing your goals and expectations with your surgeon before rhinoplasty can lead to unsatisfactory results.

While a certain degree of unpredictability certainly exists with rhinoplasty, with a "top" rhinoplasty specialist, the chances of your nose looking worse after surgery are small.  The best way to avoid this is to do your research, find an qualified surgeon, and be sure in your discussions with your surgeon that you clearly express exactly what your vision and goals are for your nose.  

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