What is the Donut Lift?

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Donut lift

The donut lift is for women with minor sagging. An incision is made around the areola, allowing for some tissue to be removed, then the remaining tissue is sutured to create a bit of a lift.

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What is the Donut Lift?

The donut lift involves making an incision around the areola and removing a bit of skin to lift the areola. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast lifts each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Periareolar or doughnut lift seldom indicated.

The doughnut lift limits the mastopexy incision to the periphery of the areola. It tends to flatten the areola which is beneficial in tubular breasts but almost never in other situations.

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Donut lift - procede with caution

Donut lift = Benelli lift = periareolar lift = pursestring lift.

This technique can lift the nipple a little bit or reduce the areolar size a little bit.  It is in NO WAY an alternative to a full lift.  Trying to acheive too much with a donut lift can result in nasty scars, a overly large areola and a bizarre shape to the breast.  I do a lot of revisional surgery and have seen many, many ladies with weirdly shaped breasts because they had a donut lift +/- implants to avoid the additional scars of a proper breast lift.  This is often not worth it because of the weird shape and/or areolar problems.

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Donut lift

A donut lift refers to a circumareola removal of skin and sometimes a lift of the glandular tissue internally after that ring is removed. I will do this ofte with implants whent he nipple and areola are slightly low.

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What is the Donut Lift?

The more common name for a donut lift is a Benelli Procedure or a Periareolar Lift. It is an extremely useful procedure for a modest lift and resizing of an oversized, low areola, commonly seen after pregnancy. I find it works best when done in conjunction with a breast augmentation. If only a skin lift is done with temporary sutures it is very disappointing. When done properly including internal support of the breast tissue and permanent sutures it gives a very attractive and natural result.

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What is the Donut Lift?

Doughnut mastopexy is a tecnoque for a breast lift is also known as a periareolar mastopexy.  The doughnut is not an acronym of anything.  This technique involves an incision around the native areola and allows for removal or reshaping of the breast as well as removal of excess skin.

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What is the Donut Lift?

This jargon term refers to a breast lift using only incisions around the areola. It is useful in reducing areolar size, and in lifting the areola when only a small amount of elevation is needed (less than 2 cm). Other common terms for this include peri-areolar lift, circum-areolar lift, Benelli lift. \

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Breast lift Techniques

You have a number of options which will depend on your current anatomy.  Breast lift plastic surgery can improve the profile of sagging breasts, making breasts look more youthful and perky.Breast lift surgery is done to improve the profile of sagging breasts, changing their position on the body to appear more youthful.  I've posted an ABC news videoclip for my preferred breast lift technique for you.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

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Donut lift breast lift

Hello simone,

Thank you for the question.  A "donut lift" is a term used by the public to describe a breast lift procedure that involves a circular incision around the areola.  The actual name for that type of lift is either a Benelli Lift or a purse-string lift.  This procedure is designed to shift the areola position about 1-2 cm and can also make the areola size smaller.  It will not support or reposition the breast tissue so patients who have breast tissue below the breast fold should look into getting a circum-vertical (lolli pop) breast lift).

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