Can a Scar Tissue Fat Graft Be Removed from the Bridge of my Nose? (It Lies Above the Bone and Under the Skin) (photo)

My surgeon cut a piece of my scar tissue on my abdomen to use as a fat graft padding on my nose bridge since my skin is thin. It looks awful and he says it cannot be removed by rasping or any other method. He then injected it with steroid cortison and put too much and it shrank the rest of my nose tissues so my nose is now deformed. In June 2013 he then did lipo from my belly and injected the fat stem cells to my nose and added silicone plastic injections. What can be done for both issues?

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Revision rhinoplasty

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  Scar tissue and a fat graft in the nose can be removed by rasping  the bridge and removing the graft.   Silicone injections in the nose are not FDA approved and are a very difficult  problem to deal with. Look for a very experience rhinoplasty surgeon.

Can a Scar Tissue Fat Graft Be Removed from the Bridge of my Nose?

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 From the photos provided, there does appear to be an isolated lump.  Whether this is residual abdominal fat/dermal grfat or bone can't be determined from the photo.  Regradless, the lump can be removed througfh a closed Rhinoplasty.  It does appear that there might be a separation between the nasal bones, which may be why the onlay dorsal graft was used in the first place.  If this is indeed the case, this partial open roof, would need to be closed by breaking the nasal bones inward or placing a more reliable dorsal graft (I prefer solid silicone grafts in this scenario).  Hope this helps.


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 You have so many variables that it is impossible to get a good results in one surgery. Remove the silicone implant and wait then re evaluate with your plastic surgeon. Go one step at a time. Silicone implant under thin skin is doomed to failure. Add to that cortisone injections, worst case scenario.Be patient and go slowly

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Scar tissue fat graft to nose

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It is not a commonly accepted technique to place scar tissue or fat grays to the nose even when the skin is thin.  The fat and/or scar will usually absorb and disappear with time but any silicone that was added is permanent unless surgically removed.  I would recommend you wait at least 6 more months and allow healing to occur and then get an opinion from a Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeon who has vast Rhinoplasty experience and it is quite possible your nose can be corrected.

Scar Tissue

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The best way to deal with this is to put a smooth layer of tissue or graft material (such as grotex) to even out the bridge. This should be done through an open rhinoplasty approach. The scar tissue can be removed at that time too. I would stay away from injectable fillers as they can cause more scarring. I don't think fat injections are right either.

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