Replace 10years Old Implant Crown?

I did a removable implant on one of my front teeth 10 years ago. it doesn't look match another. I to get a new match crown. do i need to buy a new implant to make a crown. what if i do the zoom teeth whitening before do the new crown. will i have color different in the future

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Hi, This is a perfect time to consider bleaching before replacing any crowns.

Here are a few comments to consider:

"Do I need to buy a new implant to make another crown?" .... Not   


   Please have your implant evaluated with a radiograph, periodontal pocket       depths and occlusion(bite) by your Dentist.  

  Most likely you will not need  anew implant or new implant abutment if all

    all is healthy.   You will need new impressions after your original crown

    is taken off.


"What if I do ...teeth whitening before I do the new crown? Will I have a color difference in the future?"

    Yes, you can bleach your teeth before you proceed with new crowns and 

     fillings if necessary.  Your Dentist can document your present shade on a

     shade guide and show you where you may end up after bleaching.  Once 

     you have bleached your teeth it is usually a permanent lightening of your 


     Your teeth may darken if you smoke, drink a lot of coffee and tea, etc.

     However, you can always bleach again to bring back to match to the 

     shades you, your Dentist and Porcelain Ceramist agree on.   You may 

     want to discuss bleaching trays to bleach as well as Zoom in office 

     bleaching treatment.  If you decide on bleaching trays, you will have them 

     for future "touch ups".  Please consider to not bleach lighter than the 

     whites of your eyes.  You may find this a most pleasing effect.

     Best Regards,  

     Cindy Trosen Sundet, DDS

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New Porcelain Crown Over An Implant

You should not need to replace the implant to have a new crown that matches your existing teeth.  The process is fairly easy and should only take a couple of visits to get you a new tooth that you can be proud of .  Good luck. 

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Dentist
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Do I need a new implant?

If the implant is healthy you will not need a new implant just a new crown. As far as whitening is concerned individual choice, If your happy with the color of your teeth I suggest by passing the bleaching. If not do the whitening but remember you will need to continue the whitening process since its not a permanent change in color good luck




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Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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