Are the raised areas and lumps normal after upper and lower eye lid surgery? What can I do to reduce?

It's 3 weeks since upper and lower eye lid surgery and a raised line has appeared under each eye which is hard to touch, on left side there are raised bumps were stitches were and this morning my eye lids have swollen. Is this part of the healing process and how long until the raised lumps and lines disappear?

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Are the raised areas and lumps normal after upper and lower eye lid surgery?

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GreetingsThank you for your questions, nothing much can be done at this stage as its early post op you will need more time for recovery. It seems like you are still swollen. You need 3 to 6 months for healing when going out use sun protection and cover the scares with makeup. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.

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Bumps along suture line 3 weeks post blepharoplasty

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Thank you for sharing your question. It is not uncommon for bumps to be present along the surgical incisions. They will usually subside from 6-12 months. Make sure to wear sunglasses and sunblock so that the scar does not become hyperpigmented. 
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You need more time to heal.

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You are actually still quite swollen.  This really takes a couple of months to settle down.  I suspect that these little issues will largely work they way out with the passage of this much time.  Things that persist after 4 to 6 months may warrant attention if they are still bothering you.  Unfortunately these surgeries simple not fully healed after 10 days.

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