What can I do to help heal wound separation post trim labiaplasty? (Photo)

I had a trim labiaplasty performed with a plastic surgeon. Im in no pain and back to normal. Very slight weeping of incision site recently, but no blood. Im now post op day 12 and noticing what seems to be wound seperation. Will this heal in 2-4 weeks as the rest will? Im still wearing a compression garment, sleeping on my back with a pillow under my hips and using ointment and spray bottle after restroom and showers. What else can i do to help the healing process on this one spot? Thankyou!

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Wound separation can happen and no additional surgery is needed.

Wound separation can happen and no additional surgery is needed.  This will heal on its own and most likely once healed you won't be able to tell it ever came apart.  Be patient, keep the area clean.
We don't use compression garments and I suspect it's not helping much in your situation. 
Speak to your plastic surgeon as their postop and wound care protocols will help you heal fastest.

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Labiaplasty and Wound Question

You should see your plastic surgeon now so he/she can evaluate you. While a small open area should heal with no problems, your surgeon can examine you and review your postop care, including the garment you're wearing, the ointment you're using, etc. Sometimes wounds break down from pressure, chafing, or sensitivity to topical agents. Your surgeon can help you correct any contributing factors, if there are any.

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Wound separation

You should contact your surgeon about the need to be evaluated. Some minor wound healing problems occur and most resolve very well over 2-4 weeks.

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Wound separation on day 12

A small wound separation should heal uneventfully if there no tension on the surrounding tissues. Keep it clean, keep pressure off the area, and don't overmanipulate the area.

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Labiaplasty and wound separation

Wound separation is fairly common with labiaplasty.  Often local wound care alone will treat this. Best to always ask your treating surgeon for his preferred treatment regimen.

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