Wound separation or something more serious? (Photo)

I am 7 days post op and just had my drains removed. My right breast is a bit uncomfortable on the incision line right under steri strip. t looks as though I have a bit of wound separation. The nurse said it looks fine but it seems to be rubbing duE to the location. More irritating than painful. Is this cause for concern? If so should I put neosporin on it? Any help would be wonderful :-)

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Healing Post Breast Reduction in Melbourne, Florida

It is not uncommon, particularly with breast reduction surgery where the skin incisions are somewhat tight upon closure, to have minor wound separation issues.  These are generally of no consequence in the big picture and do not affect the final result.  If taken care of properly, then tend to heal all on their own.  I would keep in touch with your board-certified plastic surgeon’s office and follow their instructions carefully throughout your recovery period.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!

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Wound separation

See your plastic surgeon for post operative care.  The surgeon should be making a recommendation as to topical treatment as well. 

Wound separation

If you have wound separation, you may need local wound care to treat this area and should follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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