Wedge vs trim method? Do I need to take off from the clitoral hood? How much would a procedure cost in Manhattan, NY? (photo)

I am a college student and I have always felt very uncomfortable with my labia due to its size. I been researching labiaplasty and wanted to know what method would be more convenient for me. As well as would I need to trim the clitoral hood as well or only the labia? Approx price for the procedure? Thank you for help.

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Wedge vs trim method? Do I need to take off from the clitoral hood?

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Thank you for your question and pictures.  You look like you would be a good candidate for a wedge resection.  If you feel that you have too much skin around your clitoris, then a clitoral hood resection at the same time would be appropriate.  It's really a matter of your personal preference.

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Labiaplasty wedge vs trim method? Do I need to take off from the clitoral hood?

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There are ongoing advances in labiaplasty surgery.

The original procedures involved various levels of removal; more unkindly known as amputation or more gently termed trim. The best procedure is gauged from consultation and so tailored for you but sometimes a full trim is the best choice. 

However there are advantages to a more conservative approach where the scar is not present along the free border of the labia as with a wedge. 

It is possible to preserve the most amount of blood vessels and nerves to the labia by a procedure that I advocate which I term a 'de-epithelialised' wedge where I can reduce the tissue significantly but leave the inside of the labia intact, that is to say take away the outer layer of the labia whilst preserving as much as possible the internal tissues (and associated nerves and blood vessels). It takes a little longer bit if you wish to preserve as much of the tissues as possible whilst reducing excess, this may be your best solution. 

It is always a personal choice for discussion with your surgeon.

best wishes

Tariq Ahmad, MBBChir, FRCS(Plast)
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Wedge versus trim method?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your desire to pursue a labiaplasty surgery.  Depending on your desired appearance a wedge labiaplasty will help reduce the tissue excess present along your labia minora while a small amount of clitoral hood removal will narrow it's excess tissue width.  Be sure to see a labiaplasty surgeon in order to have a full discussion of your goal outcome.  Costs will vary based on procedures selected but largely start in the 3000 and up range.  

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Vaginal rejuvenation

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You would have to be seen in person to evaluate your clitroal hood better, but the labia can be reduced with a trim or wedge. I prefer wedge in most cases because it preserves the natural color change and edge of the labia.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Type of labiaplasty and cost

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Thank you for your question. From your picture, you would be a candidate for labiaplasty with clitoral prepuce reduction. A combination of trim and wedge allows for a more natural appearing labia at the clitoral prepuce to labia junction. You can see specific pricing below. You may also consider reduction of the posterior fourchette to flatten out the skin at the bottom of the labia, extending into the perineum.

Your goals dictate the best approach for labiaplasty

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The clitoral hood displays loose wrinkled skin. If this is part of what you wish corrected, then you need clitoral hood contouring with either trim or wedge. Wedge tends to pull the clitoral hood backward and down toward your anus while a trim doesn't. You can get a good result with either technique with your current shape so long as it's well executed. 

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