Weak, narrow jaw line + flat sunken cheeks, would fillers help achieve definition?

My facial bones are pretty weak and it has made me rather depressed my entire life. I was just wondering if the non-invasive options such as fillers would be able to achieve a defined jawline and cheekbones that is almost as good as surgery. I have the same face shape as Bradley Cooper except my jaw is more narrow and cheeks rather flatter. My goal might seem rather complex, but I would to achieve Henry Cavill's structure. Any advice would greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Facial Fillers

Hi Elliott977,

With the wide array of hyaluronic acid based fillers that we have available to us, you may absolutely benefit from a consultation.  Filler can be used to augment and increase definition of the cheek/malar region if placed carefully and appropriately.  In addition, they can be used to better define the jawline, especially posteriorly around the angle of the jaw.  I would recommend that you have an in-office consultation to assess your specific case, discuss expectations, and determine an appropriate plan.


Dr. Paquet

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