Looking for possible ways to remove ptosis, proptosis and push the eye ball back to the orbit ? (photos)

At 15 I got fibrosis pseudotumor in the right upper orbit.The tumor was removed.Due to the scar, there is ptosis and proptosis in the orbit.In 2015,I had a surg. to lift the eyelid.It still doesn't look good.My doc said that the old scar tissue is grown into the nerve and it pushes the eye outside and down.He said one option is to do a decamp.surg. to push my eye inside,however,it will push it more down.The second option is to place an implant on the bottom,but it will move the eye forward.

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Ptosis and Proptosis from Orbital Process

Orbital surgery is delicate, precise, and very challenging.  Only few doctors in the world are experts in this unique field of surgery.  You are listed in NYC which has a number of renowned experts in this subspecialty.   Your photo demonstrates some proptosis (forward position) of the right eye.  There is very minimal ptosis apparent on the photo.  Only an expert in orbital surgery, after carefully examining you and reviewing your imaging studies (CT/MRI) can assess what options you might have for reducing your proptosis along with the risks and challenges of such options.  Good luck in your search!

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