Should I wait before doing another treatment? (photos)

I started getting rid of this tattoo last year and I am now on my 5th treatment.While some of the tattoo has faded the E that was in the heart the leaf which was red is not really fading.Is this hypo pigmentation and should I stop treatment or wait a while and see. I do it every month and my next appointment is in 3 weeks.Thank you

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Wait 8 weeks between sessions.

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I recommend waiting longer between sessions to allow the body to absorb the ink. Scheduling too close together can potentially damage the normal skin color. 8 weeks is a safe interval. However q switched nanosecond lasers require more than 5 sessions or remove ink. 

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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I would start by scheduling your sessions further apart -- I recommend about 8 weeks between sessions. Also, if you aren't already, try to find a practitioner that has the PicoSure device. The PicoSure laser is currently the best on the market working 3x faster than all other lasers. It's also ideal for all skin types and tattoo colors. 

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Tattoo and red areas

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Tattoo treatment should be able to remove the redness from the tattoo. I would not get treatment monthly since I find it better to wait longer between treatments. There is a newer technique which gets rid of tattoos more quickly by doing multiple treatments during the same visit. Best, Dr. Green

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