Can Voluma be excised?

i had a horrible voluma job done 3 mos ago on one side of my face buccal hollow and i cannot dissolve it. I did ten rounds of vitrase, it gets better for a minute then an hour later it starts swelling up again. What is it? Can i excise it? i think voluma is attracting water, so as long as there is even a bit of it left i will swell where it is located. i even gave it a couple of weeks rest for the tissues to heal, but the swelling gets worse especially in the evening. can it be excised?

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Thank you for your question. Voluma cannot be excised nor can it be removed through liposuction. Please post a picture to help our diagnosis. Also, please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon(s) for additional opinions as the in-person examination is a very valuable tool for surgeons to assess your health profile and concerns in reaching a resolution. 

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